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ABMA Podcast: Episode #4

Posted by Aisha on Jan 29, 2019 2:20:39 PM

Happy New Year, readers! We hope everyone had a wonderful time spent with loved ones. We're back with a recap of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association Podcast, Episode #4.

We really enjoyed this podcast. It was funny, interesting, and relevant to the experiences of end-users all over the world. This podcast centers on comprehensive boiler maintenance and the importance of scheduled maintenance. Guest speaker Steven Taylor, the Director of Sales, Rental Equipment, and Special Projects at Ware, provides crucial information to anyone curious about boiler maintenance; he started at the company as a welder and worked his way up to his current position--so he knows his stuff ya'll.

The podcast offers various resources to delve into, ranging from Boiler University courses offered by Ware to various ABMA member outreach capabilities.

Click the link below to access the podcast and don't forget to tell us what you think!

Episode 4: Want to Optimize Boiler Efficiency-Maintenance & Training is a Necessity

Here's our list:

0:52-ABMA conference dates and information
1:18- Introducing guest speaker, Steven Taylor
3:12- Steven Taylor's background
6:52- Background on Ware
8:10- Podcast Topics
8:20- Walking through a boiler room
8:40- What is typically in a boiler room
           How is it operating on a daily basis
11:38- Role of boiler operator (what is and isn't their role)
17:45- Why you should bother with preventative maintenance
18:40- Impact of maintenance on efficiency
19:40- Downtime costs
23:40- Access to capital investment vs maintenance capital
24:28- Red flags for boiler end-user
27:40- Importance of boiler logs
29:19- Cutting back
32:10- Ware and Boiler University
35:55- Training objectives
36:00- Setting end-users up for success
39:00- Who attends Boiler University
39:29- Training opportunities from ABMA members
40:45- Accessible resources and information
41:36- Opportunity to be a technician
42:02- Where and how to find Ware information online

Questions, comments, concerns, lottery numbers, or just need someone to talk to? Fill the form out below! We are waiting to hear from you.

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