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ABMA Podcast: Episode #3

Posted by Aisha on Oct 30, 2018 1:11:12 PM

Happy almost Halloween everyone! Hope you enjoyed the podcast last month and are ready for more helpful information.

Episode 3 of the ABMA podcast "Inside the Boiler Room" is our new favorite! It explores topics that are part of understanding boiler basics, something we are passionate about over here. 

The episode is titled Properly Installing a Boiler is Not As Easy as 1-2-3  and features Gene Tompkins from ABMA and Jim Kolbus from Clark-Reliance. 

We hope you find this podcast informative and interesting! We sure did. It's relevant to any end-user with topics of proper boiler installation, retrofitting, the role of boiler manufacturers, and who to rely on for maintenance. As always, we curated a list of timestamps to help make this information as accessible as possible for the busiest people! 

Click the link below to access the podcast and don't forget to tell us what you think! 

Episode 3: Properly Installing a Boiler is Not as Easy as 1-2-3

Here's our list:
0:55- Technical publication taskforce
1:20- Boiler installation: common issues
1:35-Importance of proper installation
2:35- Episode 3 discussion topic summary
3:00- Disclaimer
3:57- Boiler install process
4:10- Manufacturer responsibilities and roles
4:43- Manufacturer representatives & service companies
5:50- Boil out process
6:42- What to expect when your boiler ships
7:12- General timelines
8:04- Startup process
10:51- Improperly installing a boiler
12:51- Guide for end-users
13:28- Common missteps with boilers
20:24- Conditions of installation
22:27- Install codes
27:54- How install affects performance
29:57- How an end-user ensures proper installation
32:03- Pitfalls of retrofitting
32:53- Retrofitting and instrumentation controls
35:43- Post-install: regular maintenance 
36:25- Product/equipment lifespan
37:05- Trained boiler maintenance (ahem, that's us @BDI, contact us today!)
37:25- Role of manufacturer rep
37:56- What to do when something is wrong
39:06- Importance of time 

Questions, comments, concerns, lottery numbers, or just need someone to talk to? Fill the form out below! We are waiting to hear from you. 

Topics: boiler, maintenance, ABMA, installation, manufacturing, boilout, retrofit, enduser, startup

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