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ABMA Podcast: Episode #2

Posted by Aisha on Sep 11, 2018 12:40:23 PM

A few weeks ago we shared the American Boiler Manufacturers Association's first ever "Inside the Boiler Room" podcast.  

What did you think of Episode 1?

The first episode was an introduction to the podcast. We learned a little bit about the ABMA and some of the topics of future podcasts.

Now, with episode 2, we are really beginning to sink our teeth into everything boiler related. This podcast focuses on the current administration, energy, our environment, and how all of these variables affect the boiler industry. 

Episode 2 is significantly lengthier than Episode 1...which is totally okay with us. The more information, the better! However, we know a lot people function with limited time. To help make this information easily accessible, we are going to continue to create a list of timestamps of important topics!

We hope you find this podcast informative and interesting! We sure did. 

Click the link below to access the podcast:
Episode 2: Beyond the Headlines Federal Energy and Environmental Policy with Ross Eisenberg, VP of Energy and Resource Policy at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) 

Here's our list:
0:44- Episode 2 discussion topic summary
1:26- NAM Focus of Issues: energy production, air & water quality, climate change, energy efficiency, environmental regulations
1:54- Trump Administration focus on manufacturing, energy and EPA impact on the global boiler industry
2:18- About Ross Eisenberg, VP of NAM
2:40- Interview with Ross Eisenberg begins
3:07- Administration Changes: EPA
6:03- Shift in climate change, 10 years ago to now
6:35- Background action in the U.S.: regulations and legislation
8:00- Changes in administration political party creates changes for EPA
8:48- NAM and political parties
9:10- Obama's EPA and effects on manufacturing
10:11- Boiler manufacturers and fossil fuels 
12:00- Manufacturing: Priority for Trump Administration
12:40- Sector Strategy
13:40- Testifying on the Hill 
18:23-Regulation problems for manufacturers (NSR)
19:55-Energy efficiency and boilers
24:12- Clean Air Act 
25:40- Clean Power Plan
30:20- Uncertainty in marketplace
32:30- Timeline of changes and focuses
33:45- Renewables and the boiler industry
38:37- Sustainable manufacturing 
39:40- Small and medium manufacturers upgrades & accessibility 
42:09- Sustainable manufacturing resources
43:15- Credibility, the Hill, the environment, and manufacturing
45:20- Progress in the environmental space
46:30- Big issues Trump Administration/EPA/DOE are working on
50:46- Future repeals and reforms
52:46- Costs in rulemaking 
54:15- Challenges with boilers in various industries
54:46- ABMA and educating agencies
55:18- Interview with Ross Eisenberg concludes
57:22- Episode 2 concludes 

Topics: efficiency, boiler, ABMA, fossil fuel, policy, climate change, manufacturing, EPA, energy, NAM, sustainability, resources, environment

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